Adult Children of Alcoholics

Growing up in an alcoholic home or a home where your parents were wounded themselves, thus growing up in a “less than happy” home is common. So common that statistics say about 95% of the population has grown up in a “dysfunctional” family.

The point is that all parents are human and all have been wounded. All people are unconscious to one degree or another. Thus your childhood may have had trauma, pain, emotional, physical abandonment, physical or sexual abuse, or neglect. Your parents may have expected perfection from you. Your Mom or Dad may have been so drunk that you were ridiculed, put down, ignored or you had to take care of them. You, in essence, feel like you were the parent.

Unfortunately our past does affect us. Many people carry around what the “Eckhart Tolle” refers to as “a pain body” in the best selling book “The Power of Now.” That “pain body” affects our lives in every facet – perhaps most of all in our level of happiness and in our relationships.

The good news is that you can heal the pain in your body. And you deserve to heal the pain body and achieve a high quality of life filled with peace, happiness, contentment, power, love fulfilling relationships, etc.

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