Child Abuse

Child abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, psychological  or verbal. Any kind of child abuse is completely unacceptable. Children are helpless, they are vulnerable, they are powerless. They deserve nothing but love, guidance and healthy discipline.  

Our child protection laws fail to protect our children in the way that a child deserves and needs to be protected. That is a sad fact. You as a parent, however, can take steps to protect your child through various means. Every county has a Child Protection Agency as well as  a Domestic Violence Shelter. In addition, you can get your child into counseling with a therapist who is experienced in domestic violence and child abuse.

Your child may be fearful of the abusive parent or adult, they may feel depressed, anxious, have behavioral problems at school and at home, become self critical, develop low self esteem, have anger issues, etc.  All of these effects can be decreased and improved upon if your child has a safe place to talk.

Our child therapists will help your child focus on the feelings and thoughts about the abuse through the use of play therapy, art therapy, or talk therapy depending on your child’s age.

The therapist will take a gentle and safe approach to helping your child heal from the effects of having suffered any form of child abuse.

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