Divorce is one of the highest social stressors one can face. You didn’t plan on divorce when you said, “I do.” Nonetheless, if you have decided to take this step then you are most likely doing what your spirit is leading you to do.

Your current task is to get through the various aspects of grief and stress that come from divorce. These may include a sense of failure, a feeling of guilt (especially if you have children), fear of your financial status, communicating to lawyers and/or an unpleasant spouse (ex-spouse), worrying about your children’s adjustment to the divorce. (Parents often see children’s grades decline, or depression set in or behavioral changes at school and at home.) How can you help yourself through this life crisis and at the same time be strong enough to help your children?

Divorce is not a sign of failure. Our belief is that if divorce has occurred it could very well mean that you have learned the life lessons you needed to learn from the relationship and are ready to move on to a more positive life ahead of you. There is no shame or guilt necessary.

Divorce is a very common experience in our society and therefore many of our therapists have experience in helping individuals through this life change.

In addition, we have 4 experienced child/teen therapists on staff that would be happy to assist you in helping your children through this difficult time. Children DO NOT need to be scarred from divorce if they have enough love and support during the adjustment and grief phases. Though you are well meaning, it is often not enough to have a parent help the child alone. Professional help is important.

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