Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is abuse of any kind against a family member or someone living in your household. The different types of abuse include physical, sexual, emotional, and mental.  It can include stalking, extreme possessiveness, and more. Victims of domestic violence in many cases include wives and/or children, however men can also be victims of domestic violence. 

Domestic violence unfortunately tends to increase the more time family members spend together. Domestic violence does not usually get better.   Your safety and the safety of your children needs to be your first priority, but how can you find safety?

First of all call 911 if you or a loved one are in any kind of danger.

Talk to friends and family members.

Take yourself and your children to a Domestic Violence Shelter. There is one in every county.

While it is understanding that you are afraid, very afraid, the more you keep the abuse a secret, the more you suffer. The more you keep the abuse a secret, the longer the abuse will continue and perhaps the worse it will get. The more you keep the abuse a secret, the more you and your children will be scarred. 

Please reach out to a professional for help. We are here to help you. We want to help you. We want to help your children. 

No one should have to suffer abuse of any kind.  It can start getting better the minute you call the Domestic Violence Shelter. It can start getting easier, better the minute you pick up the phone and make an appointment. I hope you will take the step today to begin to break free.

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