Gambling Addictions

People that struggle with gambling addictions suffer from the uncontrollable urge to gamble despite the negative effect it is having on their life.  Gambling can stimulate the brain much like a drug does. There is a vast array of gambling venues which include  casino gambling, online gambling, sports gambling, lottery tickets, slot machines, poker etc.

Some symptoms of  gambling addiction include:

  • Preoccupation with gambling
  • Needing to gamble with increasing amounts of money to get the same high
  • Taking bigger and bigger risks
  • Lying to hide the addiction from family and friends
  • Trying desperately to get back the money you lost from gambling
  • Resorting to stealing or fraud to get the money you need to continue your addiction
  • Trying to control, cut back or stop, but with no success.
  • Neglecting paying bills and expenses in order to use the money to gamble instead.
  • Selling possessions to gamble
  • Guilt feelings after gambling.

Some ways in which a gambling addiction can affect you and your family include:

  • Relationship Struggles
  • Financial problems, perhaps even needing to declare bankruptcy
  • Legal problems
  • Decreased work performance
  • Your children having to go without
  • Higher risk of one of your children developing a gambling addiction as they get older
  • Loss of car, house and other personal possessions

One of our addiction specialists is certified and experienced in working with individuals who struggle with an addiction to gambling. You don’t need to continue to suffer untold stress due to this addiction. If you want to begin to free yourself from the pain and stress gambling has caused you and your family, you can call 908-707-0212 and we will match you with our gambling specialist.

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