Grief and Loss

Coping with the loss of someone you love is one of life’s greatest stressors and creates the greatest pain. The pain of the loss is oftentimes so overwhelming. These feelings include sadness, extreme pain, loss, loneliness, despair, sometimes guilt, anger and sometimes shock. It is normal to want to cry all the time, or want to die. You may not want to wake up in the mornings. The despair and pain can be unbearable. Losing someone you love can lead to a severe depression.

How can I get through this? That is a question you may ask yourself. While you may want to isolate and though that may be ok sometimes, it can be very harmful and prevent your healing if you spend too much time alone. What you need most during such a difficult time is love and caring.  Sometimes you just need someone to listen without saying a word, someone who will  just allow you to feel your feelings of grief, loss and anger. ( without trying to fix it for you).

You don’t need to go through this alone. Talking to someone who cares about what will help you get through it.

Other forms of loss include divorce, loss of job, loss of your health, loss of finances. All these losses create real feelings of grief and pain and anger. They can severely affect the quality of your life. Talking to someone who understands will definitely help.

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