Marriage and Couple’s Counseling

Every couple struggles at times. Relationships can be hard especially when you throw in such issues as financial struggles, communication problems, wounded pasts and patterns from our pasts, addictions, emotional and verbal abuse, neglect, infidelity, etc. You are not alone. You are in the vast majority.   

If you care about rekindling that love that you once felt before “life happened” or before old wounds from a partner or both partners’ past started affecting the relationship… then marriage counseling can help.

Once you have the space to speak openly using healthy communication skills, the relationship can heal and improve. Once the routine of marriage and running a family and job stress etc comes into play, we forget to speak to each other from our hearts, we forget to speak in caring and healthy ways. Then….the relationship deteriorates even more. 

Many people didn’t witness healthy communication between their parents when they were growing up. Unfortunately, your children may be being affected by the conflict in their parents’ marriage just as you may have been. 

There are various couples therapy techniques that can help couples learn how to communicate in ways that heal the relationship instead of hurting it.

If you would like help improving your marriage and family, please call our office to be matched up with one of the relationship counselors.

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