New Identity Process

The New Identity Process is derived from the idea that one can develop a new and happier sense of self through the use of some of the simple techniques and concepts employed in this therapeutic modality. A basis for this modality involves the idea that love and nurturing from ourselves and others helps us to heal in a deeper and gentle way. This modality usesvariety of ways to help the client access emotions and unconscious beliefs about themselves. Once the old painful emotions have been expressed in the presence of a caring therapist, the psyche has room for positive emotions to fill that space.

In addition, once the painful emotions are released, the negative beliefs one holds about themselves or life is revealed for the first time or in a deeper way and can then be replaced with what we call “positive assertions”. (Think of the concept of likening your gut to that of a pressure cooker filled with negative beliefs, painful feelings and unhappy memories or life situations–steam.

In this process, these memories or life situations are looked at, feelings are released and negative beliefs are surfaced and or discovered. Now the pressure cooker has much less steam in it, and thus much more room for the positive emotions and new positive beliefs to take residence.)

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