Psychodrama is just as it sounds. The therapist will assist you in recreating a situation (drama) in which you found yourself in a powerless or less than ideal situation.

For example. if you find yourself unhappy on the job due to a demanding or critical boss, your therapist can play the role of your boss and reenact the experience…in this way, you get the opportunity to practice different and new ways of responding to him that would afford you a better outcome. In other words through putting on a little skit with your therapist, you learn better ways to take care of yourself and prevent disrespect or mistreatment.

Through the use of psychodrama you may find it is time to move on from this job (if the situation doesn’t change), but either way you will have improved the quality of your life and the level of your happiness and peace of mind. Dramas can be acted out on a many different life situations; it can involve a spouse or a parent or a child. (Psychodrama is often used in a group therapy setting so you can have several roles being played at the same time if necessary. We do not currently having a psychodrama group, however, we find that this technique works just fine in individual counseling as well as groups.)

Psychodrama can be viewed as a part of Gestalt therapy or as a therapeutic modality in and of itself. Psychodrama is very useful in helping you heal on a deeper level and observe changes in your life will occur quicker as a result of using this type of therapy.

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