Relationship Issues

Relationship Problems?

Don’t Wait until it’s Too Late!

All relationships require some work. Relationship Counseling is one of the highest sought after forms of therapy. Because we have all come from some degree of history that has influenced us, we bring that history into our relationships.

Add to that the stresses of raising children, working 40-60 hours a week, financial or communication problems and the marriage is under a lot of pressure.

You fell in love for a reason. Remember those things you first loved about the other person. They are still present within each of you. The truth is you deserve a loving, happy, and fulfilling relationship. When you entered into this relationship or when you said, “I do” that is what you desired and hoped for. Your love was strong and you believed in your love. You can recapture that desire and that hope. You owe it to yourselves to give your relationship or marriage a chance and make your dream a reality.

Communication of course is a key factor in whether a couple can grow together or not. It is so important for couples to communicate from their “hearts,” express their feelings in a way in which they can be heard and in which the partner does not feel attacked or put down.

We have several marriage and relationship experts on staff and several powerful techniques such as such as Imago Therapy (“Getting the Love You Want,” by H. Hendrix) and psychodrama, that can help to:

  • enhance your relationship
  • resolve past or present conflicts
  • release hurts and resentments
  • e-romanticize your relationship
  • restore the vision and love that brought you together in the first place.

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